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When one has game skins, he can be proud of how his character and layout looks.

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Whatever a Steam gamer wants with his layout or character, it would be available!

Let’s face it, a gray interface is just plain boring.

The comprehensive educational program, consisting of sessions and keynote presentations which cover a wide discussion about gaming presented by industry leaders, is aimed to develop skills and knowledge required for gaming professionals to excel and cope in this generation’s rapidly evolving market and technology.

This program includes seminars on Marketing, Gaming Operations, i Gaming, Sports Betting, Finance, Human Resources, Gaming Technology and more.

The Canadian Gaming Summit, co-owned and founded by The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) and Media Edge Communications, exhibits one-on-one interactions with seniors and professional decision makers who purchase gaming products and services across and beyond Canada.

All attending delegates represent their respective gaming sector and discipline.More and more gamers are hungrily hunting for customized skins that allow them to express themselves and appeal to their own personalities.Game skins will change the look of their characters.When a non-Steam gamer checks out his Steam colleagues’ layouts and characters, he’d be amazed how gaming becomes almost true to life.Most players favor the dark Metro layout where they can easily navigate their list of friends and game arch enemies.The workshop basically helps players spot their skins folders.

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