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Trust us: It's worth putting up with their crazy anecdotes in order to have them on hand for all the details (and possible disasters).Besides, treating them like an actual guest (with a real seat, meal and invitation) will help make them feel more welcome.But even if you're assuming she'll pout at everything from your dress to your bouquet, give her the benefit of the doubt—chances are she won't.

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And remember, nothing anyone says or does is that shocking after a few glasses of champagne anyway, so don't worry too much.

Why She's Invited: You explicitly told your sister you weren't inviting kids to your wedding, but she decided that rule didn't apply to her child.

Sit him at a table with other single people, or suggest to your fiancé that Mr. Really, as long as he's not inappropriate or making a scene, there's not much destruction he can cause.

And even if you find him irritating in general, you'll be too busy visiting with all of your other guests and reveling in your special day to really notice him.

Why She's Invited: You might have played in the sandbox together 20 years ago, but now, you can't even remember if she was the cousin with the glasses or the one who borrowed your favorite doll and never gave it back.

But still, your mom insists she makes the guest list.

Not only will you be a safe distance from the your friend's date, but it'll also keep some of your guests from feeling like they're stuck at a D-list table while you and your wedding party get the full VIP treatment.

Why They're Invited: Aside from the fact that they're planning and executing your entire wedding, they're number one in command on the day-of.

Not wanting little ones at your wedding is certainly understandable, but making your sister spend half the night upstairs in her hotel room reading bedtime stories (and miss the first dance, cake cutting and bouquet toss) isn't exactly fair to either of you.

Where to Put Her: If having a baby at your wedding bothers you that much, offer to hire a babysitter.

Where to Put Her: Introduce her to some other singles at your wedding beforehand (say, at the engagement party) to make it clear she'll never be third wheel.

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