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The Accused: David Strecker The Accuser: Daniel Woodall Zimmer In a dispute over division of funds from Cuba Dave's Sosua Guide book, to which Daniel Woodall Zimmer is listed as both publisher and ... So word around town is Tommy B wants to buy back CRT.

Costa Rica's 'Promoting sex tourism' is one of those laws that are more common among governments like ...

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To search for the best deal on flights to either city, check out the Costa Rica Airfare finder. You can search for both hostels and hotels to get a better idea of what things are like.

You might also consider checking out our friends at Costa Rica Travel & Vacations for more information about traveling to Costa Rica.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that the first time I visited I fell into a very touristy brothel.

As a newcomer, every time you see one of the Costa Rica brothels you won’t know if it’s a tourist trap or a gold mine.

But Costa Rica girls are known to shock even the most well-traveled pleasure seekers.

After all, the small tropical nation provides the ultimate combination: Since my first eye opening journey, I’ve made visits to Costa Rica an annual event, knowing full well that I can do better there than anywhere else in the world.

In fact I would challenge any sex traveler to find a place that offers a comparable level of quality, variety, price, and governmental open-mindedness. Costa Rica girls tend to work in one two types of brothel.

Asian and European red light districts have absolutely nothing on Costa Rica…and it’s all just a short plane trip away. One caters to tourist travel, while the other serves locals and more experienced travelers.

Flying to Costa Rica usually means flying to the capital San Jose.

You can also sometimes catch a deal on flights to Liberia. There's everything from simple hostels to hotels that will blow you away.

Jaco Beach is a popular destination for surf bums, and the areas in the northwest of the country are great for package vacations at holiday resorts.

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