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I said, ‘It’s the greatest thing that’s happened to our country,’ Baker said.

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In Week 11, Calafiore was nominated alongside Rafaeli by Grande who was the HOH.

But due to a twist that reset the game by one week, both Calafiore and Rafaeli got off the block.

She went to West Germany and married air force Rolf Rometsch who then moved with her to the United States.

She began working as a hostess at the Quorum Club, a salon for male politicians that was organized by Baker.

He told of how Democratic California Senator Tommy Kuchel was having an affair with his secretary and asked Baker to have a page go ‘buy him some rubbers’, and how Senator Estes Kefauver from Tennessee would use his role organizing a hearing about high school delinquency to prey on the youngsters who testified.

‘(Kefauver) had a bad alcohol problem and he also had a very bad record of wanting to go to bed with every woman he ever met.

She was ‘as pretty as Elizabeth Taylor’ and the trappings of marriage did not stop her from making herself known to the President.

Rometsch was sent to America by the Communist leaders in East Berlin who hoped that she would befriend powerful politicians and report back.

Calafiore and Reynolds lost the BOTB competition and remained on the block as a result.

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