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In Calgary, Irving manages to acquire an old practice sled, as the Jamaicans have never been in an actual bobsled.

They qualify for the finals, but are subsequently disqualified due to a technicality which the Olympic committee trotted out as retribution for Irving's prior cheating scandal.

A frustrated Irving storms the committee meeting and confronts his former coach from the 1972 Olympic Winter Games Kurt Hemphill, now a primary judge of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games.

Junior comes through for them when he sells his car, which gets the team the money that they need.

Later on in a hotel room, Junior reprimands Sanka for hurting Yul's feelings over his ambitions.

Determined to finish the race, the team lift the sled over their shoulders and walk across the finish line to rousing applause from spectators, including Josef, Hempill, and Junior's father.

The team, at the end, feel accomplished enough to return in four years to the next winter Olympics.At the hotel room, Derice and Irv reprimand Sanka, Yul, and Junior and remind them what is at stake for the team.The team resolves to view the contest more seriously, continuing to train and improve their technique.I knew about the actual event it's based on, the Jamaican bobsled team that went to the '88 Olympics, and even though it's based pretty loosely I thought it made a great yarn." Lewis had very little experience and was not even allowed to audition at first.He told The Seattle Times, "I was hired to read lines to auditioning actors for just one day. At first they told me they were looking for names, big stars, so I wouldn't be considered, but then they asked me to do a screen test." When asked by Empire how he got involved with the film, Yoba was introduced to the casting director, Jackie Brown, by "a gentleman by the name of Jamal Joseph." At the time of Yoba's official casting, Gibson was still slated to direct.A brief epilogue states the team returned to Jamaica as heroes and upon their return to the Winter Olympics four years later, they were treated as equals.

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