Consolidating my student loans

While Chapter 7 does provide you some major relief when it comes to getting rid of debt, it might not do much for you in regards to student loans.

Student loans are one type of debt that can be very difficult to get discharged in bankruptcy.

Without getting some kind of education after high school your chances of getting a good job or making a decent wage decrease dramatically.

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If you want to go to college and you don’t have the money in your pocket to pay for it, student loans are definitely the vehicle of choice to help you get the cash that you need.

Some are afraid that there will be a student loan “bubble” like there was in the housing market and in the stock market.

For example, if you took out the loans and then immediately after you got out of college, you filed bankruptcy, this does not show good faith.

In that case, the bankruptcy court would probably make you keep the student loan debt.

Once scholarships and grants have been explored, many people turn to student loans.

Student loans can help provide the funding that you need to get to college and obtain the education that you require.

This essentially gives you the opportunity to get a fresh start financially.

Your creditors have to write off the debt and they cannot contact you to try to collect the debt at any point in the future.

The bankruptcy court does allow student loans to be discharged in some extreme cases.

In order to have your student loans discharged, you’re going to have to prove that they keep you from enjoying even a minimum standard of living.

The student loan market is massive and keeps on getting bigger every year.

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