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"Staff were very helpful which made the transition of applying for a loan very smooth and stress free." - Helina|"Such a smooth process with a fast outcome and result we wanted.Thank you for helping us get ahead in life." - Stacey|"Very pleased to be given the chance to clean up my debt.If approved for one of our debt consolidation loans it will not only help to manage money more efficiently but may also help to improve finances going forward as one payment to meet instead of multiple ones means the chances of missing a payment is reduced.

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Savemail is an online facility that allows you to view, download and manage all of your NZCU South account statements.

For more information or to register for E-Statements please click here If you are already registered for E-Statements click here to view your statements Whether it’s taking that long awaited holiday, buying that dream car, getting your house fixed or consolidating your debt make it happen with a NZCU personal loan today.

Many UK consumers find they build up a large amount of unsecured debt over the years by taking out loans and credit cards.

All of these accounts will have different payments due on different dates of the month, sometimes making it hard to keep on top of your financial situation, and making it difficult to keep track of what needs to be paid and when.

Not only does it have the benefit of being easier to manage, it also has the potential to bring down the overall payment you are making towards your debts.

It’s important to be aware that consolidating debt over a longer period may increase the overall cost of the borrowing in interest payments, but it can allow breathing room on a monthly basis by lowering the monthly repayment.However if you have missed any repayments on existing debts and are not a homeowner, the bad credit will mean that the amount of lenders willing to lend to you will be more limited than that of someone with a good credit rating.There are lenders who will consider your application for , but not everyone will qualify with adverse credit present on their credit file.Depending on the interest rates and length of the agreement, unsecured credit spread out over numerous accounts can also be expensive, and may be eating into your budget each month.Taking a loan for Debt Consolidation, is the process of bringing all of these accounts together into one payment, going out once a month.Apply for your personal loan today Additionally, if you apply between 1 April – 30 June 2018, you could win a ,000 grocery voucher!

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