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To accomplish this mission, the Program Contract Management Branch performs the following: TOP Operations Performance Management Services Group (OPMS) provides services and support within Business Operations, Federal Student Aid and the Department of Education related to the performance of the Title IV portfolio.OPMS monitors and oversees the management of the Title IV portfolio performance.The service area also provides Reporting on Proud to Be (PTB) document – Credit Scorecard, specifically related to Improper Payments and Credit Management.

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Additionally, Direct Loan Consolidation program management functions are supported within this group.

To accomplish this mission, The Direct Loans Division performs the following origination and servicing functions: TOP The Funds Management Division is responsible for the Funds Control and the Program & School Reconciliation activities related to program funding, program reconciliation, and school reconciliation concerning business operations origination and disbursement of federal student aid.

To accomplish this mission, the Hearings and Interagency Appeals Branch performs the following functions: TOP Systems Operations and Aid Delivery Management Services is responsible for oversight of all systems, system related activities and aid delivery across Business Operations.

To accomplish its mission, System Operations & Aid Delivery Management Services is divided into the following four divisions: The Security Division is responsible for all data, system and access security for automated systems in Business Operations.

The Division provides analysis of business strategies and results achieved related to mitigating risk of loss to ensure opportunities are maximized to greatest benefit to taxpayers and aid recipients.

The Division also conducts or manages complex studies of new proposed legislation and regulations to determine impact on schools and other participants.

The Division also provides expert guidance to assist in formulation of operational policy and procedures related to FFEL.

TOP Operations Services is a service area within Business Operations.

Operations Services is responsible to oversee the business services provided to aid recipients.

To accomplish its mission, Operations Services is divided into the following three divisions: The immediate office of Operations Services is also responsible for administering the resolution of escalated issues arising from within any of the above three divisions.

In addition, Program Communications identifies the unique service needs of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Speaking Institutions, and Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities and provides the assistance required to ensure their continued participation in any Title IV programs.

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