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Use the Release 2 (11.2), most of its default accounts are locked with the passwords expired.

If you have upgraded from an earlier release of Oracle Database, you may have user accounts that have default passwords.

See "Automatically Locking a User Account After a Failed Login" for more information. You can customize this script to have different security settings if you like, but remember that the settings listed in the original script are Oracle-recommended settings.

You can also manually set the password state to expired, which sets the user account status to expired.

The user or the database administrator must then change the password, using either the statement to specify a maximum lifetime for passwords.

After the time passes, then the account becomes unlocked.

This user's profile parameter is useful to help prevent brute force attacks on user passwords but not to increase the maintenance burden on administrators.

The , then password reuse is allowed, but only after meeting both conditions.

The user must have changed the password the specified number of times, and the specified number of days must have passed since the old password was last used.Using a default password that is commonly known can make your database vulnerable to attacks by intruders.To find both locked and unlocked accounts that use default passwords, log onto SQL*Plus using the SELECT d.username, u.account_status FROM DBA_USERS_WITH_DEFPWD d, DBA_USERS u WHERE d.username = u.username ORDER BY 2,1; USERNAME ACCOUNT_STATUS --------- --------------------------- SCOTT EXPIRED & LOCKED A profile is a collection of parameters that sets limits on database resources.The database administrator also can lock accounts manually, so that they must be unlocked explicitly by the database administrator.You can specify the permissible number of failed login attempts by using the After a user successfully logs into an account, Oracle Database resets the unsuccessful login attempt count for the user, if it is non-zero, to zero.You can authenticate both database and nondatabase users for an Oracle database.

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