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’ ” “In midwinter, it’s tough to meet a girl a couple of hundred miles away on any pretext whatever,” says a snowbound Dartmouth senior.

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I wonder if Gene Shalit already had that crazy mustache when he wrote this in 1966. Students were so enthusiastic about this cross-check that they not only answered the 135 questions (Examples: Is extensive sexual activity [in] preparation for marriage, part of “growing up? ), they even added comments and special instructions. ” Harvard: “Have you any buxom blondes who like poetry?

I was looking for a picture of him to link to and I found this instead. Contains 8-bit music and pictures of Gene Shalit) Also check out: HOW TO SELECT A MATE (Jan, 1965), and The Truth About Petting (Jan, 1937) boy… computer New dating craze sweeps the campus PRODUCED BY GENE SHALIT, PHOTOGRAPHED BY PHILLIP HARRINGTON Out of computers, faster than the eye can blink, fly letters stacked with names of college guys and girls—taped, scanned, checked and matched. Yale: “Please do not fold, bend or spindle my date.” Vassar: “Where, O where is Superman? ” Mount Holyoke: “None of those dancing bears from Amherst.” Williams: “This is the greatest excuse for calling up a strange girl that I’ve ever heard.” Sarah Lawrence: “Help!

“One boy applied under two different names, and he showed up at our house twice!

” Tarr acknowledges that there are goofs, but he remains carefree. “Some romanticists complain that we’re too commercial,” he says.

Through a complex system of two-way matching, the computer does not pair a boy with his “ideal” girl unless he is also the girl’s “ideal” boy.

As dates were made, much of the loneliness vanished, for many found that their dates were indeed compatible.

Almost all college boys are psychological adolescents, with an overpowering need for companionship, and they cannot be expected to live in seclusion.

It’s no surprise that sexual relations are more and more common among college-aged boys and girls.” “All-boy colleges create a climate for fantasy,” says Carter Wiseman, a Yale sophomore. I approve of it as a way to meet people, although I have no faith in the questionnaire’s ability to match compatible people.

Result, as long date’s journey brightened into night: a bull’s-eye for cupid’s computer. From Boston to Berkeley, computer dates are sweeping the campus, replacing old-fashioned boy-meets-girl devices; punch bowls are out, punch cards are in.

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