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Note that in Luke , the women who had purchased spices after the first Sabbath returned and prepared the spices, then “rested on the Sabbath.” The argument states that they could not purchase the spices after the Sabbath, yet prepare those spices before the Sabbath—unless there were two Sabbaths.

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Using a Jewish calendar, you have Thursday night (night one), Thursday day (day one), Friday night (night two), Friday day (day two), Saturday night (night three), Saturday day (day three).

We do not know exactly what time He rose, but we do know that it was before sunrise on Sunday.

John and Mark use similar language in describing the passover day, but only Matthew seems to skip the obvious word.

It seems hard to imagine that a Jewish audience, Matthew's audience, would not notice it missing.

I was, however, able to glean an understanding of the rule and its application by asking around.

The first thing to remember is that Apple always had a “do not clone” guideline in the document.

Every time Apple’s developer conference rolls around we get a smattering of changes to the App Store Review guidelines.

This corpus of rules can be, in turns, opaque and explicit, and has caused a decent amount of consternation over the years for developers as they try to read into how Apple might interpret one rule or another.

Purchasing the spices after the first Sabbath (Passover) would have meant they purchased them on Saturday and were breaking the Sabbath.

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