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With experts expressing concern over the health and maintenance of trees citywide, the South China Morning Post has put together an interactive guide to the condition of more than 3,000 trees across Hong Kong, based on the latest data contained in a register originally created by the Development Bureau in 2010.

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Matching algorithms, which the company believes match people's core traits and values to replicate the traits of happy couples, use these answers to match members with users the company believes will be compatible.

Starting in January 2017, eharmony users could see why they are considered compatible with a feature called "The Two Of You Together".

They will be able to see the matches who score at an advanced level of compatibility and also why.

In 2007, eharmony stated since the site's launch, they had rejected about a million people who applied to use the service.

They reported that about 30% of those applicants were denied because they were already married, 27% were younger than the minimum application age of 21, and 9% provided inconsistent answers on the application.

eharmony also stated they reject anyone under the age of 60 who has been married more than four times or fails their "dysthymia scale." Warren said that he had done extensive research on heterosexual marriage but did not know enough about homosexual relationships to do same-sex match-making, which he said "calls for some very careful thinking. But at the same time, I take a real strong stand against same-sex marriage, anywhere that I can comment on it." Theodore B.

Nine members associated with the television crew who tried to sneak a fake explosive through Newark Liberty International Airport security on Thursday face numerous charges. They face up to ,000 for each violation to security, according to TSA.

The nine charged by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police were: Ruben M. The television crew have been arrested after trying to film themselves taking a fake bomb made from vacuum cleaner parts through airport security.

Liu Tao, 36, is a water meter inspector working in Hefei, a third-tier city in eastern China.

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