Chuck prevents blair from dating

They both smile after Maya pours a smoothie on Lucas's head, for she is finally acting like herself.. Maya [shudders in annoyance] Maya: [dancing with Farkle]Lucas: [dancing with Riley]Maya: [notices Lucas' hat] The hat's just for me isn't it?

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She then says "Well, it's one minute to midnight, and I'm glad your standing here." and he responds with "Wow. After Farkle reveals Riley's secret to everyone and everyone has left, the episode ends with cliffhanger of sorts for Girl Meets Legacy.

It ends with Maya & Riley on a bench and Lucas between them with things being awkward and unclear.

Lucas: [slams the desk] Well, I don't want that for Maya. Zay: Hey Maya, looks like Lucas is getting all fired up on your behalf. Maya: Yeah, but not straight to my face while you were looking at me.

Farkle: People lost interest in art and music because it was taken away from them.

In Girl Meets Creativity, Lucas and Maya share a moment in the classroom when Lucas gets upset about the school taking away the art class and Lucas standing up for Maya and telling her to fight to let the school keep it, saying he cares about her happiness. Maya: You want to take me to a movie and put our hands in the popcorn at the same time and see what happens, or what? Maya: There's also the possibility I may have called him Ranger Rick once.

It is revealed that Lucas used to refer to Maya as "the blonde beauty". I had to listen to Lucas and his mother talk about good eatin' and wholesome livin' and the natural cornucopia of the earth's bounty. Maya: [gets close to his face] Hurhurrrrr Lucas: [smiles] Wow. Overall, they get along and it has been shown that they value each other's opinion and care for each other's feelings. The writers of the show have hinted to them as a possible pairing multiple times on their Twitter. After discovering this, Lucas holds Maya's face and he almost kisses her. In Girl Meets Texas (Part 3) they went on their first and second dates, however they can't think of anything to say to one another. Lucas: If that's what makes you happy, then, I certainly can't wait for it, [tips his imaginary hat] ma'am. Because you're a Ranger Rick--Lucas: Would you stop? For me, most of what I believe comes to me when it's quiet.

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