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Some have a lack of self-confidence, some got pestered when they were young and some just can’t be bothered to visit club after club or pub after pub just to meet the right guy.

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If you think chubby guys are hot, congratulations, you’re a chaser!

The term “bear” has gone mainstream as of late and its definition has certainly broadened!

You can create your profile for free and join a community of like-minded singles looking for friendship, love and more.

As a leading BBW dating site, we successfully bring together plus size women and men from around the world.

Whenever a chubby guy is also a chaser, he’s typically called a chub for chub (or chub4chub in internet speak).

Not every chaser likes the same kind of guy—some prefer smooth chubs, some prefer older chubs, etc.—but they are united in their desire to date, have sex with and marry fat men.

Chasers are gay or bi guys who find chubs attractive.

Chasers can be any body type—from skinny to muscular to somewhat pudgy themselves.

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