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A self-proclamied Pop Music enthusiast, she loves everything about music especially when it involves Beyoncé and hopes to work in radio or for a record company.

She credits her stylist Chris Appleton for the beautiful curls shown in the photo.

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It’s just another reminder that Aguilera has morphed into such a classy, gorgeous woman throughout her many years in the spotlight.

Christina Aguilera has said she prefers looking at naked females then naked men. If I had a choice between viewing a naked man or a naked woman, I'd choose the woman.

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To put it plainly, if you were a blonde pop star, you were deemed less than.

So, Aguilera dyed her natural, blonde hair black, pierced her nose and lip, and released an album that was a personal statement from a young woman ready to break free from media-produced constraints.

Aguilera continues to spread that message on her subsequent albums and in other professional endeavors-like when she called out a contestant for performing the song “99 Problems,” which she said was “derogatory.” It’s ironic that Aguilera has been a quiet storm in the conversation of feminism, given her insane vocal gymnastics.

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