Christina aguilera dating woman

Aguilera’s third album, In fact, the song “Still Dirrty” (two r’s because it’s dirtier, according to Aguilera) is a continuation of the debut single from her previous album.

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She chronicled her mother’s journey in an abusive relationship, which ultimately ended when her mother left Aguilera’s father, in the song “Oh Mother.” Unlike Aguilera’s previous work on the subject, where she can be heard crying on the track, “Oh Mother” has a triumphant and resilient undertone as she thanks her mother for getting them out of their environment.

All of these songs and moments— which really just scratch the surface on Aguilera’s contribution—happened before 2007, over ten years ago.

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At the time, all people saw was the risqué singer and former teen star writhing around in dirty water.

But from , Christina was also dropping feminist gems like “Can’t Hold us Down,” an iconic song about the double standards between women and men.

That’s not to say that other artists who are vocal now, were not vocal prior to the insurgence of widespread celebrity support of women’s rights.

But seriously, feminism and being a woman has been imperative to the legacy of Ms.

Aguilera continues to spread that message on her subsequent albums and in other professional endeavors-like when she called out a contestant for performing the song “99 Problems,” which she said was “derogatory.” It’s ironic that Aguilera has been a quiet storm in the conversation of feminism, given her insane vocal gymnastics.

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