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And they're not weirdos or losers or less holy they just didn't find someone at college. Sometimes the fantasy of being together forever overrode the reality that getting married wouldn't be good for the couple in question.Also, most of us are in our late teens and twenties. I promise it is not the end of the world if you break up with a good Christian.But you can overcome temptation if you stay close to God in prayer and remember that it’s worthwhile to sacrifice sinful pleasures so you can later enjoy the greater pleasures that come from living faithfully.

And a lot of the comment said this: getting married, it's all pure, dumb luck.

Some of us are single for way longer than we want to be by no choice of our own.

It's not something to be entered into lightly and only one of the many ways to serve the kingdom.

I hope I helped you to shatter some myths about love and marriage. Don't let the myths blind you to the truth that marriage is just one part of life.

I know my husband had clear intentions, but honestly, I was only starting to think we might be in it for the long haul.

And then yeah he technically gave me a "ring by spring" (though I never got an actual ring), but it was because us crazy kids decided it was our time, cause trust me people were asking when we were going to get engaged long before I was ready. I know plenty of happy couples who waited till awhile after graduation, you'll bet the better for it.But here's the thing, sure if you've been dating someone for over a year and see no future with them and are afraid to break up, do something about that. But if you're just some cute Christian girl and you see some cute Christian guy—ask him out! Get some coffee, start observing if he has a heart for Jesus and just enjoy his company.And remember, he doesn't have to become your boyfriend just because you went out a few times.I was reading one of my favorite websites A Practical Wedding, a site not only for sane wedding planning advice, but also a place within the internet for feminist discourse on marriage, careers, kids, and adult life in general.I read this article that basically says, sometimes no matter what we do we're single and discontent with it.When my husband and I had been dating for a year he got me a lovely Claddagh ring.

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