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He had figured out himself that he should keep it down for now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mum kept talking about her work during dinner and dad was whining about how people all let their gardens go to waste. The cries of the elders were interrupted by the phone ringing. Troye his first day at his new High School is kind of hectic. " When Sage heard the voice of her brother she turned around, but her smile faded quickly becase she could read Troye's face: something was wrong. When he was finished with his story, Sage kept looking at the floor. " Troye felt his tummy turn and his eyes met Sage's.

" Troye smiled at the thought and said: "No you wouldn't, the internet would be down too." She laughed. "Their reaction, sadly enough, is normal, but they'll accept it one day. Once they realize they can't change who you are, they have to." "You think so? He acted like he was asleep and he felt her body sitting down on the edge of his bed.

Mum and dad love you a lot and they'll always do, even though if you don't succeed their expectations." Sage was right, because when Troye lay in bed, mum entered his room carefully.

Finalists for the 7th annual Shorty Awards — highlighting the best content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, You Tube, Instagram, Vine and the rest of the social media landscape — are officially out, with Neil Patrick Harris, Laverne Cox, Anna Kendrick, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pratt, Shonda Rhimes, Taylor Swift and Mark Ruffalo among this year's nominees.

Additionally, the TV shows with noteworthy social content for the year include Pretty Little Liars, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Girls, The Quest, Supernatural, Faking It and Orphan Black, while Serial joins the race for top podcast.

"And that they make someone like that a head of a school, that's just unacceptable! "People like Thompson live in their own small world and are really busy making a problem about something they have no clue about.

The chances are low that he'll take this further, but keep it down from now on, for your own best." She winked at Troye, causing him to smile.

" It was clear that nor their mother, nor their father was understanding and Troye and Sage went back upstairs. Troye heard mum's loud sobs in his room and dad was still ranting about those filthy gays that had bewitched his son. But he was kind of relieved his parents knew, despite their reaction not being what he had expected. Also I want to Lady Gaga's #art RAVE in Antwerp yesterday and it was THE BOMB. I loved that the crowd existed out of girls, gays and parents lol. There were 2 comments that stole my heart but I can only dedicate this to one...

What Troye needs, is encouragement and understanding! "If we're going to encourage every weird person, the whole society will collapse in no time! Troye felt sad and guilty about pulling Sage into this, even though she defended him with every fiber of her being. Also I have been sick with a severe cold for 2 weeks now and it annoyes me like shit.

He still couldn't believe Darth Vader had just called his parents. Mum had started to cry and he felt tears welling up as well. He barely noticed that dad had started yelling at him and saying he did it to attract attention. She knew dad never hit them, but it was a way to make him think.

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