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It’s not big, however, and when I applied they were only hiring teachers to start in a few months from when I was looking for a job.I believe the teachers have to use Skype to talk to the students. Click here for the comments and the Talkto Canada review page.The working hours are Monday to Sunday Monday-Sunday 7am-10am EST, and weekends 9pm-11pm. They want native speaking teachers with a degree, a ESL certificate and experience. They pay between - USD per hour for individual classes, - for specialized English classes and - for group classes with incentives.

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Click here for more information about How to Become an Online English Teacher.

Recently Added Companies : Qkids, KK Talkee, Etalk ABC, Zamenhof, Magic Ears, USKid, Douroosi, Waijiaoyi, UUABC, IQBar, Mentor Phone, Vivaling, Oteacher, Say ABC, EC Talk Canada, Hi Tutor North American Companies British Companies Russian Companies Spanish Companies Other European Companies Chinese Companies Japanese Companies South Korean Companies Filipino Companies Other Locations Create-a-Profile Companies EC Talk Canada is based in Canada but their students (aged 10-12) are in China.

Students are in Latin America, so bilingual teachers have an advantage, but teaching experience is not required. Click here for the comments and the English Key review page. It looks like they target Arab and Korean students. They have a system where students choose their classes and trainers at the time they want.

Cambly pays $0.17 cents per minute or $10.20 USD per hour.

They have their own platform and they are looking to hire business English teachers.

Click here for the comments and the Redwood Language review page.

Personally, I teach English face-to-face in the morning and online with Skype in the afternoon.

This is a list of online English teaching companies.

Beware that some of these companies may have a bad reputation!

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