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It provides me cold, or hot water, whenever I demand it. I do my job....females are not easily considered for top jobs I think..opinion...because of fear they might go psycho at an important moment or meeting... Angrychair -- Mon, Oct 20 am PST ----- I come close to worshipping my hot water heater.

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REALITY CHECK: There is nothing wrong with the naked female form, that yours has never been offered to be photographed says more of your physical state of accelerated lard retention is not my concern.

Sat, Jun 16, PM PDT This from a dried up sexually puritan husk that compares NOW to Larry Flynt. Applejack -- Sat, Feb 23 pm PST ---- Of course, Harvard isn't an acredited college, you all must know that, right?

Minorities=Gore, Homeless and Poor=Gore, Homosexuals=Gore, Women of low education=Gore, Un-intelligent seniors=Gore..........

The key breakdown of the vote across this country.......

Always4him -- Tue, Nov 16 pm PST -- I wish I had a wife.

Always4him -- Fri, Sep 3 pm PST -- I bought both... Always4Him I wonder if skyscrapers prevent tornadoes then too...*L*...never hear too many sky scrapers being hit by them do ya? Applejack [Quote] pm -- Tue, Jun 12, 12 PST [iggy] Well, he had to order more money into the system to match the spending that congress was doing. I also remember the long gas lines, as oil barges sat of the coast because of price regulations Carter put in place. Applejack [Quote] pm -- Tue, Jun 12, 12 PST [iggy] Not directly, but a president spends more than the dollar is worth, the feds will raise the interest rates to match the real value of a dollar. ....*G* Always4him -- Sun, Dec 21 pm PST ----- Well, well, well.... I just got a call from ''God'' with a southern accent! ....*G* Always4him -- Sat, Apr 22 pm pst I believe that Hitler, if he accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, could be in heaven now.... and lots of murderers, and people who have made mistakes and committed horrible crimes.....

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