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They say that there will still be large amounts of porn widely available such as on VCDs and DVDs.Local Police believes that catching these wrongdoers will make it easier for them to arrest others involved in the making and distribution of pornography via many distribution channels and networks.

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Consequently, in August 2010 authorities have blocked about 100 porn websites limiting the access to locals including international porn websites.

Some analysts and international internet experts argue that these are first ‘good steps’ that are leading in near future resulting Sri Lanka start building an internet censorship regime restricting its locals accessing very crucial and economically, politically controversial and sensitive information like its top funder and investor Chinese government has regulated building an ‘Electronic Great Wall’ to its world’s highest 380 million internet population.

However Police have stressed that they are not planning to give cash rewards for information leading to an arrest.

Some of the content is believed to include images of naked women that have been put on the internet without their knowledge perhaps by their boyfriends or people who got pictures of some women at social parties.

At a press briefing this week, Minister of Tourism Promotion Faizer Mustapha said the purpose of the Festival is to give a helping hand to the local population by kick starting the SME sector.

He added that the unprecedented crowd last year made it the largest gathering of a beach festival in Asia.

Organized by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB), the total budget for the 2009 Festival is between Rs.20 million to Rs.25 million out of which less than 10% will be borne by the Ministry of Tourism, the rest through sponsorships. Mustapha said the private sector has shown confidence in the project.

Managing Director of the SLTPB Dileep Mudadeniya said around 600 foreigners have purchased packages from India and the Maldives to attend the Festival.

Themed entertainment nights will be one of the highlights with Space, Paradise, House Orchestra and Rn B/Hip Hop/Retro being the main theme nights.

It is also the first time that Space IBIZA, Paradise IBIZA and House Orchestra Paris will be on tour in Asia.

Sri Lanka has a considerable internet population growth rate at nearly 3% year on year with current online population at 1.7 million which is about 8.3% of the total population in the country.

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