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She also did several good Teledramas such as Maya Ranga, meeduaa, ect.

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Sri Lanka has a considerable internet population growth rate at nearly 3% year on year with current online population at 1.7 million which is about 8.3% of the total population in the country.

Meanwhile, critics are of the opinion that the action of the police will not work because many of the women who act in porn films either do so unintentionally or under many constraints and to reveal their identities would mean they are being leaded to even more maltreated.

Sri Lanka is trying to seriously fight against pornography since recent years.

Earlier, the Sri Lankan government has asked telecom regulator for preventing residents accessing websites that are said to be obscene, starring local actors.

At a press briefing this week, Minister of Tourism Promotion Faizer Mustapha said the purpose of the Festival is to give a helping hand to the local population by kick starting the SME sector.

He added that the unprecedented crowd last year made it the largest gathering of a beach festival in Asia.Many smalltime internet entrepreneurs of these websites have made considerable amounts of money through online advertising, even though the pictures are of poor quality and mostly shot using mobile phones and some are totally edited photos combining either a foreign porn star’s body picture with a local porn star’s head.Sri Lankan Models Photos and Videos | Sri Lankan Girls Photos and Videos | Sri Lankan Actresses | Sexy Sri Lankan Girls | Lankan Girls Photos | Lankan Models Photos | Lanka Models | Images of Hot Sri Lankan Girls | Sri Lankan Beauties | TV Models | Sweet Sri Lankan Girls | Sri Lankan Hot Girls Videos | Sexy Models Videos | Celebrity Weddings- this piscures about the third Night of Hikkaduwa Beach festival "the beach rave", the highlight of the day was the beach rave, with a combination of pumping music, pulsing white light, and thousands of people dancing on the sand, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.Foreign DJ's, including Paul Mendez and Master J, along with drummers, staredt off the rave, which goes on till Sunday morning The annual Hikkaduwa Beach Festival set to take place at the end of this month is expected to attract over 10,000 beach fanatics and party goers and provide some much needed economic stimulus to a tourist destination that has fallen on hard times.Last year's inaugural'Hikka Fest' brought in over Rs.120 million to the Hikkaduwa tourism industry and helped empower the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector in the area.She was married to famous singer and her co actor Priyankara Perera.

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