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Had a very surprising/shocking meeting with one of them, which almost derailed the whole trip, but fortunately the rest of the trip was salvaged with the visits later on, including yet another visit with the Bipolar Diva! If you've never visited the PNW, you absolutely must!

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In the past few weeks the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has released some numbers from spring surveys, which might give hunters some idea of how this fall could play out compared to the last few years.

For ducks, the numbers were down just slightly from last year.

While anywhere beyond two decades ago, HIP might have meant “aware” or “fashionable,”...

Duck Numbers Down Slightly in North Dakota During mid-July we obviously note the sun is setting a bit earlier, the small grains are nearing harvest and the August 15 early Canada goose opener is nearing and hunters can begin...

The former OHNT site is still running with contributions coming in from time to time--sort of nice to have a place to post if you get a wild hair up yer ass from time to time.

Tamer than the old days for the most part, but not always!

Headed to the midwest to spend a couple of days with BFD and her family, then intended to head up to Canada and meet up with some of the earliest of the original crop of HNTers.

After experiencing the 405 between Seattle and Portland, thrice , the scenery kicked in and it didn't disappoint!

9, Bismarck recorded a low temperature of 15 below zero, the third day in a row of sub-zero readings.

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