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While each new expert will have input for all aspects of the makeover, they definitely have their strengths, so before you dive into the premiere, meet the five new guys who are sure to have you cheering and laughing as they help their makeover subjects become their best selves.

Corset training with steel boned corsets help a lot in addition with hormones to give us TGirls wonderful curves!

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My girlfriend Pixie has been at me to let her turn me into her adult baby. Six more are 4-6-4, a little thinner for daytime use, but still bulky.

I was hesitant at first, but then went along with the idea. To my surprise she already has the necessary supplies to make me her baby. What she didn't explain is that I am to be her baby girl. I am in the bedroom watching her lay out my baby items. Then Pixie has a half dozen pairs of rubber panties.

She puts my feet in pink rubber pants and pulls them up and over my cloth diaper. They are the ones used to prevent patients from removing their diapers. One side of the room for girls and the other for boys. "Meet my boyfriend," she says, "Baby Cindy." The two of them talk as I remind her to unstrap me.

I lay still, Pixie puts my feet into white tights and works them up my legs and over my diapers. Then one more embarrassment my long blond hair is put in 2 ponytails, like Cindy Brady. In the center is a play area, with large playpens and baby toys. Yuck, I thought to myself, here comes the waitress with my baby food and a bottle. Then I get bottle fed for a while and more baby food till it is all gone."Good baby girl," Pixie says, as she bottle feeds me the last of the formula. I am ignored and soon poop my diaper, no control to stop.

Before Pixie is thru and comes to get me I pee again and poop.

The medications causing it, but I have no idea what's going on. "I will change you when we get home," she says, "I can't believe you peed and pooped again." "You are my baby," she says, "I will have to keep you in diapers." I could not very well argue, due to what's happened. I am not very alert, when mommy tells me of my 3 times a week visits to Nannies Place. This time in the 4-10-4 thick overnight diapers, locking rubber pants, and a cute nightgown to sleep in. I got myself into this by agreeing to go along with it. I was retrained and doing clerical work, till the layoff.

She took me upstairs to the ladies side of the room. Mommy put me on the diaper table and she undressed me. Several women decided it was worth watching, they know now I'm male. Her plan is to feminize me and not tell me about it.

Then convince me I am incontinent and must be diapered 24/7.

I could not get up, she is a big women, 6' and 180 lbs. She lifted my legs and slid a 4-6-4 prefold diaper under my butt. It's called, Nanny's Place, and is for adult babies. Embarrassed, I go to the car and get strapped in a large baby seat in the back.

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