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The train pulls into Paris Gare de l'Est and halts for 40 minutes, take this opportunity to stretch your legs along the platform.

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The series has often been derided by the father of the engine exclusively for the Play Station 3 via the Play Station Store featuring new gameplay mechanics such as customizable character stats, Critical Arts, and Special Arts.

Nintendo also got a Spiritual Successor of sorts to the series in the form of , a canonical movie expanding on the series lore of the Devil Gene.

After you have settled in, it will soon be time to enjoy a three-course lunch in one of the restaurant cars.

Spend the afternoon relaxing in the comfort of your cabin gazing at the beautiful passing scenery. A leisurely four-course dinner is served, prepared on board by our skilled French chefs.

Eventually, Heihachi comes back and reclaims his place, killing Kazuya by throwing him into a volcano.

The third game takes place after a Time Skip and deals with Kazuya's son, Jin Kazama.

After dinner retire to your cabin which has now been transformed into a cosy bedroom.

Breakfast is served in your cabin by your steward at a time to suit you.

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is one of Bandai Namco Entertainment's most popular franchises, and possibly the most successful 3D fighting game series of all time. As it turns out, the tournament winner is in fact his disgruntled son Kazuya Mishima.

Characters also have massive movelists- for example, main character Kazuya has over 60 moves by dedicated movelists.

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