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From her wheelchair Nadina La Spina, an activist for people with disabilities, told the marchers that the disabled are not spared from sexual assault by medical professionals, and also by those in academia.

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They’re out here with so much energy and enthusiasm. You see the signs out here, the values that they’re representing; this is the direction we have to move in.

I think there are more people out here than last year. We’re laying the foundation with this march for the elections coming up.

People just joined in to help and really, that’s what this is all about, people joining together.” Nina Kulkarni, with the League of Women Voters, was marching nearby with a speaker announcing that she could register voters on the spot.

She repeated the mission of registering a million women to vote before the 2018 midterm elections and reminded that on Sun., Jan.

21, the Power to the Polls initiative was being launched in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Women’s March organizations.

Mothers marching with daughters, aunts with nieces, sisters marching with sisters and brothers, wives with husbands, LGBTQ partners and friends, the March had a feeling of family.

With Yoko Ono looking on, the singer MILCK performed “Quiet,” a song with the refrain, “Let it out, Let it out now.” Barricades removed, women, men, and children, united, surged forward through the streets.

An electric energy spread from person to person, especially when the marchers passed Trump International Hotel & Tower, and then Trump Parc, shouting chants: “Not a creepy tweeter, we want a leader,” “Love, not hate, that’s what makes America great,” “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” and the repurposed, “Lock him up!

This 2018 Women’s March was a call to vote, to run for office, to speak out, and never be silenced.

Resistance was needed to protect freedom of the press, an expected assault on the environment, and a feared crackdown on minority populations and immigrants. Reaction has become action, and a movement is under way.

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing.” Repeated by several speakers was the reminder that this emerging movement is not about vengeance.

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