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The over-saturation bothers me less because I can edit that in post for videos. There are still a few graphics glitches that really noticeable when flying over the world. It just isn't great for bringing worlds between versions. There are some strange glitches with the glass and ice.

I block or mute when I am irritated by something I have seen or don't want to hear from someone.

Just like unfollowing it's everyone's right to do that on twitter.

I think with the grass the reason it looks strange is because you can see much higher detail from further away.

It should be a good thing but with so much detail it can be a bit overwhelming on mass. I understand why they are not adding quasi connectivity because it would break lots of bedrock builds.

I dunno if I am missing something but it's just so much slower.

Sprint flying while holding down jump makes you go really fast on the console editions. It was a joke making out that I intentionally put a typo in the title of my video.

It would be very hard to gain an audience making videos in the way I do now.

Does being a “cat person” or a “dog person” (or neither or both) reveal your true personality?

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