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The good news is that Christians and Muslims are increasingly recognising the need to talk about these things.

The very fact we've got so many people talking is in itself a success."'We were shocked by how much we were judged' harshly and told off'Happily married for five years this couple (the man is Catholic and the wife Muslim) struggled to find support While we came from different faiths, we approached them in similar ways.

But Muslim women are not allowed to marry outside their faith.

Many of the more conservative or evangelical Christian denominations, meanwhile, insist spouses convert or promise to bring their children up as Christians.

Among those who have signed up to the document include Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, a prominent Leicester-based imam from the conservative Deobandi school, the Right Rev Paul Hendricks, associate bishop of Southwark Catholic Archdiocese, and Amra Bone, one of the only women in the country to sit in a Sharia court.

Estimating the number of people in mixed-faith marriages is difficult.

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Islamic girls, have you ever dated a Christian boy before? I think she loves her religion but not as much as her parents and she wears the head dress and clothes just to satisfy her parents, even though she is always around other Islamic girls.Although I was in my 30s and well educated, I was treated as though I was a silly little girl who had got herself into an irresponsible situation which could only be solved by my fiancé converting.It was also assumed that although my fiancé was Catholic, his religion was less important and that he likely did not believe in it to the same degree Muslims believed in their religion.I apologize, this has been built and bottled up for a very long time. Tell him i will read about islam and its teachings and if i am really convinced then yes i will follow it. It stands for the rite of christian initiation for adults. Before the reformation, all christians were catholic.Normally, a catholic who has not received all the sacraments (eg confirmation) will be asked to receive them before being married. I have known him for 4 years and we get along incredibly , he’s moroccan and i’m from central america. It is selfish of you to only think of what you want and what your faith wants you to do. He however, is not baptised nor catholic but has been dedicated into his community faith church. Go to a protestant church where the whole family will be accepted. So this means that in seventh-century arab culture.

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