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Often infatuation is an unequal relationship between the object of adulation and the infatuated person.

If this describes your relationship, you may want to step back and reevaluate.

“The process is just about determining whether a [valid act of marrying] occurred at that moment [when the ceremony took place],” he said.

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This sense of unity and joy at the other’s presence can be a great foundation for a happy marriage.

In contrast, infatuation means you are consumed with thinking of the other person to the point of doing silly or risky actions to be together.

In the good sense, chemistry means you feel a strong physical and emotional attraction to the other person and want to become closer to him or her.

You feel happy in his or her presence and enjoy your time together.

He went through the process to obtain a declaration of nullity, commonly referred to as an annulment; and then, several years later, he married in the Church.

Now, Deacon O’Toole helps prepare people to go through the annulment process as part of his special ministry to divorced Catholics in the Diocese of Springfield, Ill.

“Generally, I begin the process with our theology of marriage: why we believe what we believe and why the Catholic Church recognizes marriage between two Christians — just like baptism — as a sacrament, whether their denomination would call it that or not,” he said.

Deacon O’Toole said he spends two hours with divorced persons in his office and said such individuals decide whether to take the step to apply for a declaration of nullity once they understand what that process entails.

The standard used in the canonical trial to judge a marriage null is much higher than the threshold of “beyond a reasonable doubt” used in criminal trials.

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