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Deeley left modelling after two years and became an MTV UK presenter in 1997.

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However, in October 2006, she began dating Jack Huston. (On getting back into shape after the birth of her first child): I try to do yoga three times a week and eat healthily - although nothing is off limits and I drink lots of water.

In April 2007, they became engaged, and married on October 28 2007. (On being sawed in half by David Copperfield, using his antique "Buzz Saw" illusion): Even though I'd been sawed in half lots of times before, it was still quite scary, because the saw blade was huge and all too real.

She has presented Fox's New Year's Eve special live from Times Square in 20.

She is also an entertainment contributor for ABC News, providing coverage from various awards shows including the Golden Globes and the Grammy and Academy Awards.

For a period, Deeley was the face of Shape Water and a number of Garnier Fructis products, appearing in print and television advertising in the UK and Ireland.

On July 1, 2007, Deeley was one of many celebrity speakers appearing at the Concert For Diana.

The event, watched by an estimated 500 million viewers worldwide, was held at the new Wembley Stadium.

Also in 2007, magician David Copperfield invited her to take part in a charity show he was organising in Los Angeles.

Copperfield invited her to take part after hearing reports that the house in Los Angeles where she was living used to belong to Marilyn Monroe.

During the show, she was sawed in half by Copperfield using his antique "Buzz Saw" illusion which formerly belonged to Orson Welles, and that Welles had once used to saw Monroe in half.

Catherine Elizabeth "Cat" Deeley (born 23 October 1976) is an English disc jockey, television personality and former fashion model, who rose to fame at the age of 21, co-hosting the well-known children's series SM: TV Live, alongside Anthony Mc Partlin and Declan Donnelly, for also hosting Stars in their Eyes since 2004, and for hosting So You Think You Can Dance, during its second season in 2006.

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