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Great Product - 05/04/2015 Reviewer: James Ferace seems to be working good.Gives me peace of mind to know that it will alert my family in the event there is a problem with carbon monoxide in our home.carbon monoxide alarm with battery - 11/19/2013 Reviewer: walter skora was concerned there were no range of carbon monoxide levels to know when the levels are lethal. Good alarm - 11/03/2013 Reviewer: Anonymous I like the digital display, batteries are easy to insert and battery door is easy to access, it is located on the front of the unit instead of the back.

The only CO measurement it has is the 24 hour peak level.

I really dont know how to rate this, as it has yet to ever indicate any CO and I installed it in my propane fireplace room.

I installed the batteries and plugged it into a wall socket only four feet from the furnace and water heater.

I have had no false alarms Strange functrionality - 01/09/2014 Reviewer: Mike Di Mascio I find it strange that it does not give a reading of the current CO level at all.

First Alert's Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup offers several unique installation options.

This alarm easily plugs into any standard outlet with no additional mounting necessary or it can also be mounted on any wall using the convenient power line cord(approx. Battery backup ensures alarm works even during power outages.To avoid purchasing very old stock, I bought the third unit directly from First Alert, and I received a product only one year old. Easy to test, easy to see, easy to install, easy to comply with the new law.I wish there were some safe way of testing a carbon monoxide alarm, aside from pushing the test button - something equivalent to lighting a candle under a smoke detector. I love the light up display that tracks CO levels in the home. I love the backup battery - NEVER HAVE TO REPLACE EXPENSIVE BATTERIES AGAIN.... This monitor is a winner and I highly recommend it!Only Time Will Tell - 02/20/2012 Reviewer: John Tomaszek Bought 2 units to replace 10 year old monitors. A: If your carbon monoxide alarm keeps chirping, the battery may be low or weak.These are much smaller than the old competitors and they dont fall out of the socket if you plug them directly into the wall without using the extension. My old ones still say yes when I press the test button. Since I never had one alarm, I take it on faith that they do. On First Alert carbon monoxide detectors, check to see if the battery light is yellow or green.Top Rated CO Unit - 04/15/2015 Reviewer: Regis Ruppert Great! Just put in the battery back up, plug it in, and it's good to go. Replacement - 03/30/2015 Reviewer: Michael Matovich The FAS-170543 CM Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display replaces a much older CM Alarm by another manufacturer.

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