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I specifically got this model for the backlit display which shows the CO reading in ppms.A nice feature is the button that shows the peak reading over the last 24 hours. Plus, since the unit just plugs into a wall outlet the unit has battery backup too installation is as easy as it gets.

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The new ones use 2 AA batteries in place of the 9 V one, These are smaller, slimmer and look better!

Plug-in Detector - 12/28/2015 Reviewer: Jack Skoglund I am very pleased with the alarms I purchased. Makes me feel safer knowing they are monitoring the carbon monoxide levels in the house.

The only issue I have so far is the door that falls open too easily when using the other plug in the outlet. - 08/13/2012 Reviewer: Cheryl Malone Attractive on the wall, easy to read display in the middle of the night. I would have given it 5 stars instead of 4, except for the fresh-dating issue. - It is powered by plugging it in, with a battery backup.

Battery back up lets me sleep knowing my family is safe even if the power goes out without my knowledge. So, it does not use the batteries much, but it will still operate if there is a power failure. - The batteries are not depleted as long as the unit has AC power.

And the batteries are two AAs, so they are not expensive. In two years, there is no noticeable drop in battery voltage.

Therefore, I am not awakened by low-battery warnings, like the purchasers of some other brands. You can press the button and see the reading at any time.

To avoid purchasing very old stock, I bought the third unit directly from First Alert, and I received a product only one year old. Easy to test, easy to see, easy to install, easy to comply with the new law.

I wish there were some safe way of testing a carbon monoxide alarm, aside from pushing the test button - something equivalent to lighting a candle under a smoke detector. I love the light up display that tracks CO levels in the home. I love the backup battery - NEVER HAVE TO REPLACE EXPENSIVE BATTERIES AGAIN.... This monitor is a winner and I highly recommend it!

Any higher than this, it will be in "dead air" space and carbon monoxide may not reach the sensor. To install for a wall-mount, you will need to pull out the removable adapter and power cord, as follows: MR - 11/12/2017 Reviewer: Bayard Rehkopf When I purchased the Model CO615 this was the first time to buy this model FIRST ALERT. This unit has very convenient AC with a cord and Battery Backup. We didnt want to drill anymore holes in our walls and this particular monitor fit our needs perfectly. Plug-in carbon monoxide alarm w/battery backup & backlit digital display - 10/26/2016 Reviewer: Sheila Coxon When my local hardware store did not carry this unit, I went online and purchased it.

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