Carbon 14 dating curve

The find was made at Khujut Rabu'a, not far to the southeast of Bagdad.

It consisted of a vase made of clay, about 14 centimeters high and with its largest diameter 8 centimeters.

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eithiopian dating women - Carbon 14 dating curve

With this acid secretion there is, at least in some species, an evolution of pure carbonic gas, one gland, weighing approximately about 700 grains, yielding 206 cubic centimeters.

The genera so far known to furnish this secretion are Dolium, Cassis, Tritonium, Cassidaria, Pleurobranchidium, Pleurobranchus, and Doris.

The ancients had access to all of these materials: of the Soviet Union unearthed what is considered to be the oldest large-scale metallurgical factory in the world at Medzamor, in Soviet Armenia.

Here, 4,500 years ago, an unknown prehistoric people worked with over 200 furnaces, producing an assortment of vases, knives, spearheads, rings, bracelets, etc.

The circular opening at the top of the vase had a diameter of 33 millimeters.

Inside of this vase a cylinder made of sheet copper of high purity was found - the cylinder being 10 centimeters high and having a diameter of about 26 millimeters, almost exactly 1 inch.

The inner surface of this round copper sheet - the one that formed the inner bottom of the hollow cylinder - was covered with a layer of asphalt, 3 millimeters in thickness.

A thick, heavy plug of the same material was forced into the upper end of the cylinder.

It seems that copper vases, some of whose ages go back 4000 years, were unearthed several years ago which had designs plated on them in gold or silver, even some were plated with antimony." "Occasionally, we feel a bit smug about our tremendous advances in the nuclear science and the like, but when we are scooped by some ancient metal smiths we are most assuredly brought down to earth and humbled.

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