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He admitted to ripping the condom.'He said, "I got you. There was menace in his voice, it was an insane conversation. It comes as video footage showed Rowe being interviewed by officers and telling them he did not have HIV. ' He replied: 'No.'When asked if he had a test for the virus recently, he said: 'Not recently, I had a relationship when I first got here.

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He said: 'I was always so careful.'My dad was a junkie and she was a very young mother.

I was always trying to run away from that lifestyle, that's why I always insisted on condoms.'He added it was a 'reminder of my past'.'I feel it's come full-circle, and has made this my new life, which is very unfair,' he added.'[Rowe] called me over and over. I could only describe it as feeling like you've been raped, not the physical side of it, but the mental side.' The judge adjourned sentencing until next year but warned Rowe he could face a life sentence for his crimes.

He was found guilty of five counts of causing grievous bodily harm and five of attempting to cause GBH yesterday in a prosecution hailed as the first of its kind.

A court heard he infected the men in a 'revenge' campaign on the gay community after he was diagnosed with HIV.

Celebrities know that nothing makes you feel brand new like a brand new hairdo, and that’s why they’re constantly changing up their locks with haircuts, extensions, hair color and bangs.

And that trend hasn’t stopped in 2018 — so far we’ve seen switch-ups on stars like Kris Jenner, Dove Cameron and Hailey Baldwin.

Fans are now left to wonder how the couple ended things after Beckham was photographed kissing Playboy model Lexi Wood on Saturday, April 7.

Moretz’s most recent Instagram post of her former boyfriend […] Picture perfect!

A victim of hairdresser Daryll Rowe, who has been convicted of giving men HIV in a landmark case, has revealed the devastating moment he discovered he had been infected.

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