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He has made television and radio appearances in the US and England, and had a weekly segment on South Africa's CANI radio. He and David Copeland coach men and lead seminars all over the United States.

Ron Louis, 33, is author of Sexpectations: Women Talk Candidly About Sex and Dating, and co-author of How to Succeed with Women, How to Succeed with Men, The Sex Lover's Book of Lists, and the Mastery Program Tape Series. If you are with the media and want to have Ron and David on your program, or for an interview, please email Ron [email protected]

They and their book were mentioned in John Katz's novel, Geeks.

Louis and Copeland have been on numerous online shows including: Web, the Bob Berkowitz Show,,,, and many others.

The information will motivate you to meet younger women.

It will also motivate you to buy more books, as each pick-up artist is selling his own materials.

The book is a coaching manual with techniques and tips from experts in the dating and seduction industries.

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