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Memoirs OF THE Queensland Museum Brisbane © Queensland Museum POBox 3300, South Brisbane 4101, Australia Phone 06 7 3840 7555 Fax 06 7 3846 1226 Email [email protected] au National Library of Australia card number ISSN 0079-8835 NOTE Papers published in this volume and in all previous volumes of the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum maybe reproduced for scientific research, individual study or other educational purposes. Three species of the Australian dynastine genus Anomalomorpha Arrow are recognised: two described previously, A. giveni Came, and a new species from wet sclerophyll forest in northeastern Queensland, A.

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Head glabrous, lightly but abundantly iiigiilose-piiiiclalc clypeoli ridge transverse, slightly effaced in middle third; distance between ontei edges ufcanthi 1.4 1.45 limes interoculnr distance Maxillary palps elongate in males with segment 2 and 4 ah equal in length bi I longate Willi segment 2 much shorter than segment 4. [test width, slightly curved, sensilla hardly indented, ape* rounded Antennae ^-segmented, club shorter than mcnis 2-7 combined. lateral angles, anterolateral an -.lightly acute and continuing lu alinosi Straight anieiioi margin, anterior margin marked by a weak ridge laterally but fral and without ridge medially, basal ridge absent, disc with surface shining, sparsely mieropunciate, with faint median stripe becoming more distinct posteriorly: lateral margins without defined grooves. Elytra with sutural striae lincai- pui K Ian-, disc tnicrorcticulate, striae with small annulate punctures, inter i U ll riost impunetatc; laleial margins sv i ( h fine ridge defining eiiiaieuiaiion: epipleurae vertical, broad at base, with conspicuous lateral setae ejtfendingas rat pygidium. long lis tarsal segment 5, females with claws shorter than tarsal segment 5. tibiae obscurely 3-earinate, distal ctliae long, sharp closely set; spurs unequal, both curved, slender in males, shorter and broader in females, Pygidium moderately convex in males, almost Dal m females; shining, glabrous, finely punctate across base, disc sparsely micropunctate.

Body 1 2- 14mm long: reddish brown ( Kpeus transverse, inodctairlv rmaigin- ate, males with sides sub-parallel near base and ihcu curving evenly to more or less straight anterior margin, truncated lace subvertical and with scattered, short setae across disc, ten evenly rounded, anterior truncated lace oblique with scattered, very short setae acrossdisc; uppci surface glabrous. eastern Australia showing distributions oi all three specie : ■ northeastern Queensland showing distribution of Anvtnohmarpfta montelthi relative to Ihe mountain massifs of the vvcl tropics region.

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ranalurnla U iv.1929, Gl' Hill imderturl I fan i imla tl 5U957, Pt Yal Talun Ua i ■ i 1971. Anoinalomorpha anthracina Arrow (Figs I A, 2C-D) Anotnalamttrpba anthracioa Arrow, 1908: 345, Aimmotomn Tjiho flmipia Arrmv. anthntdrta: Lectotype 6 (here designated), hearing (he labels 'Lectotype' (circular, blue -bordered).

Fore tibiae broad, basal tooth small; males with segment 5 of tarsi elongate, almosl 2 times length vf segment I, females with tarsi shorter: males with clows vea Larg bout tu REVISION OF ANOMAl. mieroretictilate; apical ridge broadened, not divided, setose on either side of middle. Abdominal stemites with line of long seme across middle of each segment- Paramcres symmetrical, glabrous (Fjg.2A-B); REMARKS. anthracina in the highlands of southeastern Australia and in southern Victoria (Fig. Collection records indicate main adult activity in October- November and again in March-May; this suggests a short larval period during summer followed by a long adult period through autumn, winter and spring, similar to some 01 dynastmes (AIlsopp & Logan, 1999). 'Moreton Bay', 'I S 36*, 'Anomalomorplia anr Jvacina Arrow typo J ", my lectotype label, mouthparts and aedeagiis dissected 6m and a tinted oo e Sttfe [NHMK paralcctoiypes [■:■.

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