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There was sentiment that the new Greenlee was "too whiny" and too self-defeatist to be the strong, independent Greenlee they had become accustomed to.

Singh, however, managed to gain a fanbase for her portrayal, having made the character somewhat recognizable to viewers again.

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Greenlee Smythe is a fictional character from the daytime drama, All My Children.

She is originally portrayed by actress Rebecca Budig from August 11, 1999 to November 30, 2005, and was portrayed by actress Sabine Singh from April 20, 2007 to January 15, 2008.

The character's relationships with Ryan Lavery and Kendall Hart feature prominently in her storyline.

She is noted as the last currently-airing, major daytime character to be created by show creator Agnes Nixon.

I think she's a terrific young lady and a wonderful actress, and I'm really happy that we have her here at ABC".

Wilson felt that Budig brought a special mix of qualities to the table, detailing that "she has this unique way of playing the bad girl, if you will, but making her very likable".

I've always liked this girl, and enjoyed spending time with her. When describing the feeling of portraying a vixen, Budig also used the word fun; she cited her kinship with the character and how it differs from her role on Guiding Light. I'm sure I'm still a little naive, but it's hard for an actor who's older to play younger", said Budig.

"You have to go back to being somewhat innocent, and it's hard once you're not to go back to being that way.

It was the summer; I figured there wasn't going to be anything going on in L. Her dad's a drunk, her mother pays no attention to her, she lives with her grandmother - she's pathetically desperate, kind of like me. "I don't even know how to describe it; it's just been a really nice experience for me. "I have to tell you, I am in love with Judy Blye Wilson and Jean Dadario Burke [AMC's executive producer].

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