However, he rarely adds that he actually ended up losing that trial, which brings us to my second point – even though the law generally deprecates the backdating of documents, the legal consequences of backdating are highly variable.

However in practice, for both good reasons and bad, backdating of documents does occur.


Before I knew these things, I was unintentionally holding my partner responsible for my happiness.

My relationships are more meaningful, more loving, more free, and most importantly – more fun!

Govoni (R) Windsor is a town in Hartford County, Connecticut, United States, and was the first English settlement in the state.

She has moderately short hair that is often tied at the back with her right fringe mainly draping over the right side of her face (though she tends to push it to the side on occasion; possibly for better visibility).

Although physical attraction can be an awesome thing, the true beauty of a person lies within.

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When I was single and stressed about finding love, my good friend, Scott, a confirmed bachelor, told me this.

I knew he was The One when he told me, “I’ve always been too nice for the naughty girls and too naughty for the nice ones.” That had been my experience with men.

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One of the thornier issues which comes up in legal practice from time to time is the backdating of documents.

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