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I use performance as a vehicle for personal healing.

I’ve been working to create multiple points of access into my work, so that anyone from any perspective can enter inside the landscape of new possibilities.

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The session will end with sound healing meditation where I play the gong. I'm working with group energy to shift and clear some collective blockages.

That's the intent of the technology that I'm using; it's like music—it's movement and body position with sound and narrative interwoven throughout.

My focus is exploring the connections that we all have through sound and movement, which are such universal languages.

I can totally relate to this, especially about healing—it's a matter of experiencing.

I'm working with a small orchestra of musicians, singers and dancers and I am acting as the conductor of this big body of water—like conducting waves.

You hear the waves smash on rocks then break apart and return.We have to leave our heads for a bit to do the work in the world of spirit.We are all spiritual beings having human experiences; these human experiences are inevitably shaped by our gender, race, class, or sexuality, but deep down we all are here on the journey of our souls.The work is inspired by the French proverb, “Faut pas jeter le bébé avec l'eau du bain,” or "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water." I’m constantly reminding myself not to forget where I came from, and not to throw out the essence of my work in the process of maturing.I’m committed to metamorphosis and change, but I also want to hold onto the good things.It's hard to measure the progress of healing when you're in it.

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