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Versace-style: The designer frock was divided into the two contrasting hues in the form of a tie-side split, which revealed the fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear beneath the figure-hugging garment What with being the new face of Pantene and singing with best friend Taylor Swift on her most recent tour, it's safe to say it's been a good week for Selena Gomez.

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In Elvenar you can upgrade almost every building, improving the productivity and the look of your city.

Explore the vast World Map to acquire the knowledge of your wise ancestors and discover new technologies.

We channel guidance from ancient Egypt’s cosmology to open channels of communication and knowledge for people beyond the confines of the brain.

Perhaps by engaging their heart center, their womb, or site of creation they can access healing or messages from the spiritual realm and bring those into material reality. Lately it seems like there's a collective urgency around healing, especially for communities of color, and many of us are seeking out different indigenous technologies for healing, as you mentioned, Tabita.

I've been thinking about healing in the context of everything that's going on in the United States right now and political history at-large—it's always been so violent.

A big part of my process is exploring ideas, movement, and music through listening.Rezaire and Kennedy will present interactive works, with music by SHYBOI, at Performa 17 AFTERHOURS on November 16, 2017, –pm at Public Arts (215 Chrystie Street).Richard Kennedy: I am doing something completely new.In case it had passed you by, the lace up trend is the biggest thing to hit fashion recently with the 70's making a comeback.From lace up boots, to tied up tops, it's the easy way to give a subtle bit of sexiness without overtly showing it off.Johannesburg-based Tabita Rezaire and New York-based Richard Kennedy found a likeness in their missions as artists: dismantling defunct colonial mechanisms by finding personal and collective solace through their work—and more simply, occupying space.

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