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Yogurt - Yogurt is not only a Turkish word, but is one of the country's most famous contributions to world cuisine!

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Our kitchen team make all our yogurt themselves - and it's yummy!

Moussaka - The word originates from Arabic, and this dish is cooked in slightly different forms all around the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and using different meats.

First, the coffee grounds are left in the pot so please sip carefully as they are not meant to be swallowed or chewed.

Secondly, don't expect a caffeine surge - Turkish coffee is not strong, just thick.

In Turkey, Turabi Efendi published the first recipe of mussaka (Turkish Cookery Book) in 1862.

The Turkish dish is made with eggplants, or other vegetables, cut into small cubes and cooked with minced (ground) meat. And to make it a lighter dish, we use chicken in our version.

One of our most popular dishes for couples and small groups is the (drum roll...) Bosses' Special House Platter (see picture on right) -- a sumptuous combination of marinated slow-cooked lamb shank, pirzolah kebab, grilled chicken breast, calamari, smoked chicken, king prawns, with fresh leaf and choban salad, served with rice, yoghurt and chilli sauce, garnished with pita bread. We cater for vegetarians, with lots of yummy choices on our entree and main menus.

All vegetarian dishes are marked on the menu with (V).

The original one metre wide brook held fish into double figure weights.

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