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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i cant wait, saw a bit where he has a bunch of rednecks singing throw the jew down the well, we can go see it together wayne as im in scotland next month xxmy god is this my first pof date...a celtic lord... wil you be my friend, i like sex wit ladies LOLA very funny film but not quite woth the hype thats surrounds it.

HELP ME xx Seen it, it was halarious from start to finish The best bit , all i`m saying going to say , so as to not spoil it for anybody was the naked bit !! Its funny not just for the comedy but for the reactions of some of the Americans who he speaks to, like the guy in the gun shop when Borat wants to buy a gun to shoot Jews with, the guy doesn't bat an eyelid. Great film - the character is great as was Ali G - a master at showing up prats who really think he is the charicature he presents himself as.

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All through it I was either choking laughing, or squirming in my chair at the Americans and their lack of savvy for the gag & racism. Haven't seen the film, nor do I intend to, Sasha Baron Cohen just doesn't tickle my funny bone, I'm afraid.

Interestingly I read an article by SBC on how he was seeking to show the inherant ignorance & biggotry that exists in all or us. I did love the Kazakhstan president, saying he wasn't overly impressed with Borat's depiction of his people, or of his country, but they'd survived Stalin, so would cope with Borat!! Wether u love or hate borat i'd still recommend this film - just to see the reactions of all the people to borat!

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Haven't seen it yet but wonder if you had heard that Cohen is being sued in regards to the stupid university kids that drunkinly expressed views maybe they shouldn't have.... Silly Americansvery funny movie, but ,, theres a few borders that borat crosses that shouldnt have been crossed... Borat isn't frightened to speak his mind or to act without fear of offending people. My favourite ever Ali G moment was the one where he asked the intellectuals if the reason they said what they said was because he was black.

useing his cheeky technique means he can get away with this , however there was one line that he really couldnt justify saying................. Laughed my face off at that as they really couldn't see past his clothes and language to the fact that he was as white as they were. After the movie was released, various people sought legal advice about the way they had been 'portrayed' in the movie.

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Borat calls an african american bloke a "chocolate face that uses no make up"The most amazing film i have ever seen. Showing such a lack of respect for political correctness was awesome, we are all the same and its healthy at times to not worry about PC.'Running of the jew' Absolutely brilliant Jak sie masz! Borat too, funniest ever Borat moment for me was at the races with some toffs - that was just hilarity in itself. ) she thought I would love because I told her Borat was absolutely hilarious. It was about a hairdresser with a lot of other stuff thrown in. I can't see Cohen being too keen to do a sequel until all legal action has been settled.....

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