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Bob Harper has reassured his fans he is on the mend, after the Biggest Loser star suffered a major heart attack.

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Bob was involved with a controversy in 2014 when one of the Biggest Loser contestants lost an incredible amount of weight.

Winner Rachel Frederickson weighed 105lbs after starting the show at 260lbs.

After news spread of the medical emergency, the personal trainer posted a photo of himself Monday recovering alongside his beloved dog Karl.

The next day the star shared a photo of himself without a shirt on. 'On the road to recovery,' he began his Instagram note.'I'm required to wear these monitors to see what my heart is doing throughout the day.

The 24-year-old caused something of a furor as viewers wondered if her new slim figure was healthy.

Harper appeared keen to distance himself from the controversy.

He says he's lucky there was a doctor nearby who gave him CPR, saving his life.

The doctor also used two paddles to keep his heart going. Bob told the site that he was unconscious for two days and when he woke up he was not sure what had happened.

Any advice you can give to our readers trying to lose weight right now? But because I took that extra step, look where I am now. Away she had let you from Rebecca Meyer, BL8 connection and everyone im dating a bigger guy enduring.

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