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In some cases, the consumer may not even have any equity available in their home.

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Debt settlement is an often neglected debt relief option, which comes as a surprise considering the fact that it's one of the most practical and one the easiest debt cures a debtor can ever take.

Debt settlement does not exempt the debtor from the satisfaction of the main obligation.

Second mortgages are also often used by banks as collateral to secure small business credit lines and other non-real estate related debt.

In addition, a lender making a basically a larger unsecured loan to a consumer for non-real estate purposes (automobile financing, credit card debt consolidation or educational expenses for example) will sometimes request that they be granted a 2nd mortgage against the consumer’s real estate.

Deciding which of them is the right option has a lot to do with specific circumstances, and whether the entire debt can be covered by a single consolidation loan, or if only a percentage of the debt can be handled. Understanding the difference can help in making the right decision.

Choosing debt consolidation may be more expensive in the short term, but unlike debt settlement programs, they do not have a detrimental effect on credit records. The Consolidation Option When choosing whether debt consolidation or debt settlement is the right option, it is important to look at the advantages and the mechanics of the two options.

Truly, once a debtor begins to take the debt settlement approach, he will seek the forgiveness of the creditor so that the latter will agree to coming up with terms which will benefit both parties, such as lesser or total relief from the payment of interest rates and / or late payment fines, fulfillment of the main amount only, to deduction of the main amount by as much as as much as sixty-five percent.

The question most people ask about debt settlement seems to be this: will creditors accept the said terms ? Creditors would rather recover what they have given - despite condition which may be unfavorable for them - rather than witness the amount the borrowed down the drain, like, for example when the debtor travels to another country, goes underground, or begins to seek a declaration of personal bankruptcy.

A second mortgage loan refers to a home loan that is second in line in the event of foreclosure or sale of the property. Complete our simple secure online request, receive up to five offers from lenders, compare interest rates and terms, and choose the offer that best fits your needs.

Essentially among the secured mortgage lenders, the second mortgage holder stands behind the first mortgage holder and any liens filed against the property prior to the filing of the 2nd mortgage. Products: Refinance, Home Equity, Second mortgage loans can be taken out for a variety of uses, such as debt consolidation and home improvements.

These loans are often at a higher rate than first mortgages as they represent a greater risk for the home mortgage lender.

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