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The best way to make sound decisions concerning your personal finances is to become better educated about how they work.

And with the right loan terms, the monthly obligation becomes more affordable.

Basically, if 5 loan balances add up to $50,000, with their interest rates varying from 9% to 15%, and combined monthly repayments of $800, consolidation sees the balance replaced by a single loan of $50,000, with one interest rate and a longer loan term, ensuring repayments fall to perhaps $400.

There are definite benefits to both, but depending on the financial situation, one can be more suitable than the other.

When it comes to choosing debt consolidation, it is important to note that this means all debts are repaid in full.

Debt settlement is an often neglected debt relief option, which comes as a surprise considering the fact that it's one of the most practical and one the easiest debt cures a debtor can ever take.

Debt settlement does not exempt the debtor from the satisfaction of the main obligation.Second mortgages are also often used by banks as collateral to secure small business credit lines and other non-real estate related debt.In addition, a lender making a basically a larger unsecured loan to a consumer for non-real estate purposes (automobile financing, credit card debt consolidation or educational expenses for example) will sometimes request that they be granted a 2nd mortgage against the consumer’s real estate.These loans are often at a higher rate than first mortgages as they represent a greater risk for the home mortgage lender.But, the interest rate can also be affected by other factors (other than current market conditions), the most likely being: Second mortgages are often considered synonymous with home equity loans, however that is like comparing apples and oranges.It does not involve agreeing any reduction in debt, and therefore no savings are made.

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