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This seems pretty obvious when I say it, but as you know, adults regularly assume that it's OK to touch strange children. rethink the term ''tantrum'' and replace it in your mind with ''panic attack'' or ''freakout'' or something that feels less like a power struggle. For example, if he doesn't want to go to a party, convince him to at least walk up the front steps.

If that is too hard, have him touch the front gate and count to 10.

I have talked to my child's experienced preschool teacher, but she isn't worried. Like me, she stands firm with her discipline, and often gets good results from him as I do at home. I'd probably avoid them more if I wasn't trying to meet my daughter's needs, too. He screams when we give him notice that we are going out. My husband's father is bipolar, and his sister was recently diagnosed bipolar. On my side of the family, both my half brothers (not related to each other by blood), have been diagnosed bipolar.

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They had huge tantrums-- one of them very, very frequently and over nothing.

Their mood flipped from happy to outrage in a split second over nothing.

Eventually I was more honest and said bluntly ''he doesn't like to be touched.'' 4.. If he's acting angry or evasive, hostile, etc., it might be because he's putting up barriers, trying to avoid something he's anxious about.

For example, my son would get super uptight about what clothes to wear, but really he was stalling because he was anxious about going to school. good luck to you, mom of worrier Your concerns about your son are well placed and certainly understandable.

You have not entered into a ''clinic'' setting like Stanford or UCSF. On a lesser note, I'm often embarrassed and frustrated by him and feel confused whether I should avoid most social situations with him for now.

We went to those places for second and third opinions with Dr. His specific behaviors include tantruming, aversion to people talking to, touching or approaching him. I was hyper-vigilant with him and did my best to remove him as soon as he began to tantrum (when someone picked him up from a chair he was sitting in and I couldn't get to him in time).

He might turn out 'fine' as you daughter has. But getting him evaluated and some help NOW while he is still younger and more amenable to change is the best route to go. What you describe sounds entirely and completely normal and common to me. Both of my kids seemed to just flip out and switch personalities. They sometimes freaked out if they were just looked at.

Both my children had every single behavior you describe, and no one ever suggested to me that it was anything to worry about in terms of their mental health (now, what it did to mine... I used to say the same thing about putting a sign on them telling people not to try to talk to them.

Like most parents with children with undiagnosed disorders or whatever this is, I am so worried.

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