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I am not looking at it emotionally or sentimentally as people normally would.

It is just the level of involvement I had with the land, the trees, the hills, with everything around.

Lots of things have changed in the last 30 years, but still I can see so many places that I walked upon, how deeply I looked at things, and the billion questions that I asked at a billion different places in Mysore.

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Maybe it is a little silly, maybe it is not socially savvy, but in terms of life, I think my ability to bond with anything or anyone deeply – whether it is a tree, a place that I sat upon, a piece of land, a rock or people – has in many ways been the key which has opened up dimensions of life and nature to me.

So, for me, friendship is not an advantageous transaction or give-and-take, for me friendship is a certain overlapping of life.

I did not see friendship as an advantageous or useful thing, something that will help you live better or whatever else.

Even now when I travel around the world and meet all kinds of people, I don’t network with them, I don’t keep their phone numbers, I don’t try to contact them, but I share something very deep with them in those few moments of being together and many of them do share that with me too.

I built such a bond with him, he was more than anything else to me. I am talking about the bond that I built with real friends – I always thought it was absolute.

But over a period of time, with the experience of life, I realized there are very few people who see friendship like that. When you are in school, you have one kind of friend.

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For me, Mysore means a billion questions and at the same time an incredible answer too. Those few moments that I shared with someone, not necessarily just in terms of emotion – I was really not emotional about anyone in that sense – but somehow knowingly or unknowingly, moments of sharing were moments of uniting and becoming one in some way.

I never saw sharing as giving and taking; I always saw sharing as two lives overlapping each other.

As the number of our virtual friends and followers multiply, have you ever wondered, how much of it is really “real? Today, Sadhguru tells us what friendship means to him.

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