Best way to start a chat on a dating site

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Choose something from that and end the message with a question about something from the profile.

But also, accept that some people if not interested will just not bother to respond regardless of what you do for many different reasons. Now carefully go through it and record all the information they've taken the time to reveal about themselves in their profile. I’m interested when:-The message is not generic (it easily could have been sent to anyone)-Typical English sentences/grammar used.

I personally like when guys tell me a little about themselves..seems to break the ice for me... One of their interests or something in it that stood out. I wasn't interested in him, but I did respond to his email because I realized he'd taken the time to read my profile and was asking about an interest and not focusing on what I looked like or how horny they were feeling. Now carefully write an email asking questions already answered by their profile. Also make sure to never sound specific when referring to them. (no text talk)-The language used makes the sender seem like they have class.

I don't like it when guys just write "hey want to chat" or something along those lines..need to give the person something to work with. This way you show that you read her profile, you tell her something about you that will likely be of interest to her, and you ask her a question about something that you already know she's interested in and thus likely to want to talk about."I see in your profile that you like The Dead Milkmen. I have to say 'Stewart' is their best song, but 'Punk Rock Girl' is a close second. (No ‘hey baby’ etc..)-The sender seems to be on the same mental / emotional wavelength as me.-Funny or Charming is always good. If I’ve peeked the sender’s romantic interest, and they tell me in an intense way, it can be alarming.

Below are a few colorful suggestions for possible conversation starters.

While the last thing you want to do is assault your prospective date with inane, boring questions, you gotta get to know them somehow, right?

No, you have to take an individual approach with each one, well no different here. I must now electroshock that out of my makes me laugh, when some guy sends a mssge, as long as your arm, that he has clearly stored on his computer, and just copys and pastes everytime, of corse telling me all about really gets my back has even happend to me, that some guy send the same mssge twice.

We are all individuals with different feelings, likes, and dislikes.

Because we've probably seen it about 20 times already that day! You are better off, talking about yourself a bit, or picking out familiar things that you saw in the profile, that you have in common. I’m uncomfortable if messages tell me I’m beautiful and not a lot else.

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