Best dating sim visual novel

But at points, it could be viewed as a little condescending.Sure, the Dad puns are well and all but take the character creator, for example, it's a little weak and has limited options that almost feel bolted on without much thought.I'm not sure if this is because they're utilizing a character creation system, but the art work looks rather flat compared to other characters.

You will have to romance cats, balance your stats, and more as you try to solve the mystery. As you can see from the trailer, it's looks like it's going to be a fun one to play.

And the game will offer plenty of twists and turns, which should add to its replayability.

Another problem I found with the game is the options screen or, well, lack thereof.

There's a menu entry to view the options window, but since there are only two options to configure, it's almost pointless including it.

In total, there is a total of seven dads you can choose from to date.

To see everything the game has to offer, you'll have to play through what is ultimately an unsatisfying story multiple times.

Be warned, though, if you don't enjoy puns (or dad humor) then you may grow tired of this game.

Once you've started, everything acts pretty much as a standard VN.

While I applauded the writing for Amanda's dialogue and other characters you'll meet as the story progresses, for a VN overall it's pretty weak.

This isn't helped by the fact you'll need to play through the game multiple times for the different endings that can be achieved.

In my initial playthrough, I opted for a Johnny Bravo look, thanks to the character's default generation reminding me of the muscle-touting Cartoon Network God.

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