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Prince Caspian opens this Friday, and all this week we’ll be featuring interviews with the people behind the movie—check later this week for Anna Popplewell, who plays Susan, and Peter Dinklage, who plays the dwarf Trumpkin.

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: Because I’m older this time, I felt because I’ve grown, Lucy’s grown. And I got to ride, which was amazing, : The physical aspect I completely immersed myself in and embraced.

It’s a lot easier for me to portray her, because I could basically be myself, but change her a bit. I worked very hard on a one-on-one level with the stunt coordinator.

I was running eight miles every other day, working out in the gym for a couple of hours on top of that.

I was just thinking, ‘My body was in such good shape last year!

I feel so fortunate to be a part of something that I think is a beautiful film. You don’t really realize when you’re filming it, it looks so different from the outside. I went to sleep last night, and I replayed the film all through my head.

I was watching it thinking, ‘How lucky did I get to get that part? You can’t tell at all what it’s going to look like. How was filming this one compared to the first film?But now Peter is much more angry, much more frustrated, headstrong and self-entitled.And I really had to get in touch with all those angry emotions and take it out on my fellow little siblings, which wasn’t easy at times.: I was actually very scared when I was going up the escalators.It was really stupid of me, because I ate a huge, salty burrito before I came into the cinema, and I was feeling slightly sick.On an emotional level it was harder, but on a physical level I think it was actually better. To choreograph it, the stunt coordinator taught it to me probably in a day, or half a day I learnt it. They actually cut a lot of it out, because there was some really intense fight stuff in there. Do you think about it, or do you just feel its natural having shared this experience?

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