Belly expansion fetish dating

Typically, a first time pregnant woman might not experience as rapid a belly expansion as she might in her next pregnancies.However, keep in mind that all women and all pregnancies are unique.

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Charity really likes her new boyfriend & wants to make him happy so when he asks her to inflate for him she is extremely nervous but gives it a try.

After she has her butt and boobs inflate she begins to love the feeling and love her new shape!

If you like to see beautiful girls overeat and stuff their bellies, you’ve come to the right place!

This site is about girls that like to overeat and stuff their bellies until they’re absolutely full and bloated.

It is about overeating and its effects on the belly.

All the girls on this blog love to eat and they love to eat a lot, but that doesn’t mean they want to get fat.

This gay gainer fetish action is so hot as Zane does an extensive soda bloat, burping a LOT along the way as he grows and inflates to make a big beautiful ball belly ! Sexy studs overeating, hot guys gaining weight, face stuffing, feeder/feedee.

Encourager, dominant feeder, submissive gainer, pig training, gorging, bloating !

***IMPORTANT NOTE: TO STREAM A VIDEO press play and please allow a few seconds for movie to buffer, if it does not start playing automatically, simply hit the “REFRESH” button in your browser and press play again.*** Gay gainer fetish hottie stud Zane is here to RUIN his perfect washboard abs by bloating himself to massive proportions !

One of Zane’s favorite things to do is workout hard in the gym and sculpt his gorgeous six pack abs and flat stomach, then stuff and bloat himself silly, ruining his perfect body as he feels the sexy pain of belly growing !

What's average is that around the third month of pregnancy, your clothes will likely become tight around the waist.

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