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China's cunning multimillion-pound plan to manipulate the Olympic weather seems to be yielding results.

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My Name is David i am British, born and raised in London I work as a teacher in Beijing at a university I love teaching !

(I am building my career within education) I have a BSc Web Technology and I am a postgrad..

Beijing promotes Internet use for business and education but bans material deemed subversive or obscene and blocks access to foreign websites run by human rights and Tibet activists and some overseas news and social media sites.

He said: 'We're investing like crazy in the market," Cook said on the call.

Zhang Qiang, the deputy director of the Beijing Weather Modification Office, insisted there was no environmental danger from using silver iodide to disperse rain and clouds, as only one gram of the chemical was released per square kilometre, a level safe for humans.

The rockets were fired from 21 sites in the city, intercepting a potentially disruptive rain belt and triggering premature showers before they reached the capital.

: “Princess are stating they will deny boarding to any passenger who do not have a visa.” “This is an added expense the cruise passenger does not need.” Initially Princess Cruises said that the Chinese authorities had stipulated all passengers must have visas.

After intervened, however, the cruise line changed its attitude.

Note that this does not include most other prime tourist cities, such as Beijing, Xian and Guangzhou. Leave before midnight six days after arriving in China (eg arrive lunchtime on Saturday, must leave by 11.59pm on Friday).

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