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I realised that I have perhaps too easily accepted certain methods of behaviour management without questioning the potential damage they could cause.

One behaviour management method that stands out is the idea of disciplining a child and promoting it in a way that publicly shames the child.

(M.h Siddiqui, 2008) Furthermore, Paul raised the points that as teachers we should throw away some of our adult behaviours such as; shouting, being negative and intimidating the children.

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Sometimes, if the children fear the teacher they do obey.

However, Establishing a high-quality relationship and rapport with the child is a key component of behaviour management; therefore, it is apparent to state that it is something that cannot be taught overnight.

When we get angry it is our amygdala taking over our actions, it’s what makes the teacher lose control and try to build fear into the class/pupil so they obey.

“The amygdala triggers your emotions faster than your conscious awareness.” went on to state that we should keep our empathy towards children, praise children when they do well, be fair towards their needs and give them unconditional respect.

Students from Leeds University state that- “We do not label children; behaviour is a choice not an inherent personality trait and we believe that children can be nurtured towards making good choices.” people that follow this pedagogy can reinforce the effects of promoting positive behaviour.

“Students benefit from classrooms where behaviour management is used to promote positive behaviours and encourage learning.” Through this; the children learn about the right behavioural expectations rather than the wrong.

Moreover, as this is a method I have seen used time and time again, I did not think to question it because I trust schools and teachers to look out for their children’s best interests and welfare.

However, Paul explained how doing this could not only be potentially damaging for a child’s self-esteem but also how it could in fact stimulate further bad behaviour from a child who actively seeks a reaction or acknowledgement from their peers.

One thing that he stated was that the child should not be afraid of their teacher; this is something that happens all across the world as teachers assume it is the best tactic for managing behaviour.

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