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Important updates provide significant benefits, such as improved security and reliability.

Recommended updates can address non-critical problems and help enhance your computing experience.

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Optional updates are not downloaded or installed automatically. Important Updates can be configured in four ways: If you choose Install updates automatically , there are additional options to schedule the update at a convenient time.

or if Never check for updates is selected: In order to have the same behavor for Recommended updates also tick the Receive recommended updates the same way you receive important updates check box.

Windows Updates helps to keep your Windows 7 computer up to date with all the security fixes and improvements. Click the System and Security link from the Control Panel window. The System and Security section of Control Panel opens up. As you can see in the above screenshot there is direct links to the important Windows Update option here it self in slightly small fonts, such as Turn automatic updating on or off, Check for updates, View install updates .

It is highly recommended to Turn this On in automatic mode for a smooth Windows use. You may choose the required option directly from here.

This new update is KB3008273 which is marked as important update and if your Windows 8 computer is set to automatically install Windows updates (which is the default behavior), this new update is installed and then starts the automatic upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 operating system.

Microsoft has clearly mentioned on the update information page that this update enables Window 8 to update to Windows 8.1 and enables Windows RT to update to Windows RT 8.1.Now the question occurs, how to prevent or stop this automatic forced upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 operating system?Although we don't encourage anyone to skip Windows 8.1 update as its essential and important update and everyone should upgrade to Windows 8.1. If you find any of the above mentioned updates present in the list, right-click on the update and select Uninstall option. Restart computer and check for new updates using Windows Updates.The above mentioned tutorial worked for everyone who wanted to disable notification prompt to update to Windows 8.1, thus they were able to skip the upgrade process.But now a few people have reported that even after disabling the upgrade notification message, their Windows 8 computer system was automatically upgraded to Windows 8.1 without their knowledge and permission.You can also choose if you want to allow anyone to install updates by selecting the Allow standard users to install updates check box.

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