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I have VBA code that takes my data on the "master" worksheet and puts it in the other sheets in a workbook.

The problem I am having is that the new data doesn't update automatically.

The workbook has 6 sheets ("master", "AP", "All AP", "CSW", "CO", and "PSR"). Once you have your workbook set up with the code below, any changes you make on the "master" sheet will raise the worksheet_change event, causing all of the destination sheets in the workbook to get updated with the most current data.

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The advantage of this over the worksheet change() event is that the code won't fire with every little change to the worksheet, which as I stated above, may or may not be desirable.

You can also create a shape (or button) and assign your code to that button, so it only runs when you (or the user) tells it to.

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